Taste with us – a journey through the world of flavours


Whether it’s chocolate, coffee, wine, spirits, beer or pairing any of these drinks with chocolate, a tasting session can be an excellent interactive programme for company events, team buildings, family or friends’ gatherings.

The tastings are held by:
All things chocolate and coffee: Gabriella Szabó, IICCT Level 2 certified chocolate taster, specialty coffee and bean-to-bar chocolate expert
And the rest – wine, spirits, beer: Kristian Kielmayer, Dip WSET, Weinakademiker, wine, spirits and beer expert

Join us for one of our organized tastings or hire us for a private tasting event!



Future tasting events



Coffee & chocolate tasting

Coming soon




Wine, beer & spirits and chocolate tasting


Beer & chocolate tasting with First Craft Beer


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Past tasting events

Coffee and chocolate tasting

R Coffee & Roastery, Rétság


KávéBár Bazár 2023-2024


Vivina Café 2021-, Budapest



Coffee Education Center (CEC) 2023-, Budapest


Wine, beer & spirits and chocolate tasting


Own tasting event with Kristian Kielmayer:

New Zealand wine and chocolate tasting


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First Craft Beer 2024 – beer & chocolate tasting


GoodSpirit Rum and Cocktail Show 2024 – chocolate & spirit tasting masterclass



R Coffee & Roastery, Rétság



Own tasting event


Divino Kecskemét