La Cabra Coffee Roasters – Cerro Azul Geisha

Region Valle de Cauca, Colombia
Roast Omniroast (espresso/filter)
Producer Cafe Granja La Esperanza
Varietal Geisha
Process Washed
Altitude 2000 m


I enjoy travelling and during this time I love to discover coffee shops, roasters, coffees, yet since the beginning of March the possibilities have become somewhat limited, therefore I have started a new project. Every month I’ll select and taste a coffee from an international roaster, which sounds interesting and promising to me.

For the month of June, I chose one of my favourite Scandinavian roasters, the Danish La Cabra Coffee Roasters. The reason of my choice is manifold: on one hand since Bloom Coffee closed (I hope they can find their new home soon and reopen 😊), I have not been able to taste these great coffees, and on the other hand, I found out by seeking for unique specialties, that they give the opportunity to their customers to purchase limited coffees, such as this Geisha. Last, but not least, there is free shipping on orders over $ 44 (€ 40.20). I signed up for their newsletter to learn about the Cerro Azul Geisha, which debuted on the 1st of June and I ordered right away. There were only 130 packages available, so I couldn’t hesitate too long 😊

The delivery was happened to be a bit adventurous, as it turned difficult to follow the package within Hungary, I just saw in the tracking, that it was tried to be delivered on a given day, but it was nowhere to be found, so I tried my luck in the local post office with the ID number received and on the 13th of June I could keep in my hand the freshly roasted Geisha.

In one thing I was sure, I won’t be disappointed. I love La Cabra coffees because in addition to their complex taste and perfect acidity, they have a never-ending sweetness, that you can feel in your mouth even hours later.

This was all true for this coffee as well, but let’s jump into the details: apricot, orange, tropical fruits and sweet spiciness characterize its flavour profile, complemented by some floral (jasmine) tones. Fresh, light, silky soft and sophisticated coffee, accompanied by delicate perfume notes.

Unfortunately, this coffee is no longer available, because they have run out of the 130 packages within a couple of hours, but if you still would like to learn more about it or enjoy the upcoming rare specialties of the roaster, you can find more details here: