The Barn Coffee Roasters – Los Cambulos Nanolot


Cundinamarca, Colombia


Omniroast (espresso/filter)


Ana Lucia Martinez / La Palma & El Tucán






1600 m


I enjoy travelling and during this time I love to discover coffee shops, roasters, coffees, yet since the beginning of March the possibilities have become somewhat limited, therefore I have started a new project. Every month I’ll select and taste a coffee from an international roaster, which sounds interesting and promising to me.

For May I have chosen a well-known roaster from Berlin, The Barn Coffee Roasters. The reason of my choice is twofold: on one side their coffees are available in one of the coffee shops in Budapest, at Portobello Coffee and Wine, so I asked them to help me with the logistics, on the other side I have a weak spot for extraordinary, special coffees and Los Cambulos Nanolot happened to be like this.

Los Cambulos is a lactic- anaerobic coffee, whereby the tropical fruits dominate with a pleasant sweet tone on the palate at the end.

But let’s go back for a moment to the method of production. What does lactic-anaerobic actually mean? The contact of oxygen with the cherry has to be minimized. As the fruit arrived to the mill, they are carefully selected and placed into sealed tanks, here due to the lack of oxygen the bacteria start working on the sugar, which is in the mucilage, supporting the malolactic conversion (or more generally speaking the fermentation). 

Tasting note: full-bodied coffee with velvet like texture, pronounced fruitiness, berry notes and tropical tones, such as mango, papaya, rambutan, followed by a hint of vanilla in the back. Complex and multi-layered coffee with medium acidity and long finish.

If you like this coffee and you would like to try it yourself, order it, as long as the stock lasts 😊