By mid-March Hungary has also reached the point where restriction and strict regulations have been put in place to stop the spread of the corona virus, as a result the hospitality industry came virtually to a standstill, many specialty coffee places closed their doors as well.

It was hard to see all this coming, especially since I was enjoying at the beginning of March some fine coffee in New York and after arriving at home in Budapest, there were no signs what impact will this all have later and it truly saddened me when I was walking across the city or browsing through the social media and met with news  of all the closures of the coffee places throughout the world.

In this difficult situation creative ideas/solutions were needed, of which I would like to highlight a few below:

  • Some places have remained open throughout and continued to serve customers while maintaining proper precautions and obeying the given guidelines (e.g.: My Little Melbourne, Addicted2Caffeine).
  • Some places closed their doors and use the time for renewal (e.g.: Hygge).
  • Some places have closed, but do everything, so they can reopen, for instance they started to be more active, when it comes to roasting (e.g. : Mantra Specialty Coffee Bar, Kontakt – in the meantime they have already opened as well), creating a webshop and distributing through this platform (e.g.: By Beans Coffee) or producing coffee capsules with their own roasted coffee (Steamhouse Cafe)
  • Some places have closed, but have reopened since and sell their coffee and other handcrafted products through reduced opening hours, while complying with the current regulations (e.g. : Espresso Embassy, Portobello Coffee & Wine)
  • Some places have closed and unfortunately may not be able to open again.

Other interesting initiatives:

  • One Eleven advertised an 8-week online cupping series
  • Standart Magazine offered for their new subscriptions a special deal till the end of May, whereby the subscribers can pick their chosen specialty coffee shops and half of the subscription fee will be donated to them to help them reopen as soon as possible #supportyourlocalcoffeeshop

There are several ways and good ideas, I sincerely wish to welcome many coffee shops amongst the reopened ones, as it is good to enjoy a nice cup of coffee at a great cafe! 🙂

If you’re interested in how and which cafes are finding their ways to manage these difficult times, visit my Instagram page (@specialtystories) for more details!