The new year has come, 2020. Interesting and magical date as well. 

Some coffee bloggers shared their list of coffee packages to symbolize their coffee consumption of the previous year, so I also decided, that I will start collecting the coffee bags of 2019 in order to be able to share it with you. Yesterday we checked them.


47 packages of coffee.

Who would think that a person – to be exact me and my husband together – could consume 47 bags of coffee a year? At first sight it could be a little frightening, especially in the light of the fact that according to our knowledge/experience in average we drink one coffee per day. So how could this happen?

We made a quick calculation and calmed down right away.

On average one bag of coffee is 250g and in the morning I usually have a filter coffee and my husband drinks an espresso, this means 35-40g on daily average, so it could be feasible that during a week one bag of coffee is consumed, if we have only one per capita per day.

Now that we calmed down, let’s mention some of the biggest discoveries/favourites of the collection:

  • Kiss the Hippo (UK): Auromar Geisha (Panama), Shattah Geisha (Colombia)
  • City of Saints (USA): Hambela (Ethiopia)
  • Little Wolf (USA): Damo (Ethiopia)
  • Coffee Collective (Denmark): Takesi Geisha (Bolivia), Esmeralda Geisha (Panama)


I wish you a happy 2020 with similarly wonderful coffees! 😊